About us

Apnakraft's dream is to make India plastic-free and restore our ancient handicraft culture.

We are a group of people chiefly dedicated to serve the cause of promotion and sale of indigenous art and craft such as Products of bamboo, kauna grass, handmade jewellery, marble articles etc. With the advancement of science and technology, the handicraft products have been losing their identity; in order to revive handicraft products, our sole motive is to bring together diverse artisans from various states of India on a single platform to save their identity from being vanished. We utilize cutting-edge digital technology to achieve our objective of linking the scattered prolific artisans to other rural and urban clients. Apnakraft aims to provide fair price to motivate native artisans and provide ample opportunities to them so that they may continue to be connected with their heritage and legacy.

In today's fast changing world and consumerism, there is a surge in the use of plastic material which poses immense challenges to our health and environment alike and it is bound to wreak havoc in the long run. Our posterity will have to bear the brunt of effects of plastic if not reined in today.

Apnakraft's dream is to make India plastic-free and restore our ancient handicraft culture. We aim to include more products of jute, sabai grass, coconut shells, sea shells, khadi, phulkari and many more in near future. Products of Apnakraft are plastic-free, biodegradable, environment friendly and devoid of toxicity of any sort. We shall make all-out efforts to ensure that these products reach every nook and corner of the world. We also aim to achieve twofold growth every six months.

We seek support of every section of the society to make this program a great success for betterment of our lives. Let's join hands together and take a giant step towards change that will have far-reaching positive impact on our lives. This calls for your support and active participation. We won't be able to achieve this goal without your participation. Your one initiative will push and help India emerge as self-reliant, plastic-free and accommodating host to the world by using handicrafts products.